Business law week 5

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Business law week 5

What is Business Law Assignment? Describe with Sample and Example Law students often face problem while writing a business law assignment. Sample law assignments are given to students to come up with possible solutions to a legal dispute.

A legal dispute involves two parties who might have had a disagreement over a business transaction which typically involves monetary obligations. Students often find such business law samples and examples challenging because the situations are tricky and involve a careful application of legal statutes.

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What is a business law? A legal case study involving a dispute is often given to a law student in order for him or her to come up with a legal solution. A business law dispute involves two parties over a dispute regarding a contract, a sale, a merger, a contract etc.

Here are some business law case samples with possible solutions: Sample Business Law Cases: It had advertised massages and manicures for 10 dollars. Jenny was pleasantly shocked when she saw the deal. She realized that it was a lucrative deal. However, she was not surprised since they had just opened and wanted to attract new customers.

When Jenny arrived at the salon, she was told that there was a mistake in the circular and the amount would be dollars and not 10 dollars. Jenny was livid as it had taken her 30 minutes to drive down, the cost of which when added to the manicure cost would still be more than dollars.

As a lawyer give legal advice to Jenny. Would your advice be any different if she was told about the price after she had taken the massage and manicure? We can refer to an old legal precedent in this case: The plaintiff saw the advertisement and reached to the place of auction.

Business law week 5

He came to know after reaching the auction site that the auction has been cancelled and thus brought an action against the defendant. Hence, the plaintiff cannot claim his travel expenses from the defendant.

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She came to know the real price upon reaching the salon and thus had an option to either reject or avail their services.

In that case, the transaction would have been a legally binding contract. However, since she already knew the real price and had a choice, the mere placing of the ad could not have been considered as a legally binding contract.

In the second scenario, she could have just paid 10 dollars as quoted in the newspaper. But since, she already had a choice and decided to exercise it rationally, we cannot argue that there has been any legal violation. Case Number 2 The Case Once, a charity auction was taking place. Bruce who was extremely drunk went to the auction and under the influence of alcohol made a successful bid.

It was apparent to the auctioneer that Bruce did not know what he was doing. Meanwhile, Bruce sobered up and accepted having made a bid. However, later on, he refused to fulfill the obligations of his contract.

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Give legal advice to Bruce. The Solution We have with us a legal contract which was entered into by two people: Here the auctioneer was in his full senses to understand the terms of the contract while the buyer was drunk and as such was not in a position to fulfill the legal obligations.

The general rule about legal contract is that any person can enter into a contract but he has to have the mental capacity and intellectual maturity to understand the terms and conditions of it.

The principle of contractual law stipulates mental lucidity to be an abiding feature of the both the contractor and the contractee. Generally, courts do not approve of a contract which entered into by a person who is voluntarily drunk because he is not in a position to understand what the contract entails.

In this case, Bruce was so drunk that he did not knew that he was actually bidding at the auction.The world's largest business website, CNNMoney is CNN's exclusive business site with business, markets, technology, media, luxury, personal finance and small business .


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Business law week 5

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the , Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich. Week 5 Final Paper Bus (6 Pages | Words) Business Contracts: Protocol, Laws & Ethicality. There are various kinds of contracts which arise within our business world today; contracts are an essential component to business livelihood.

Business Law week 1 Essay common law? U.S. legal system was formed under the laws of the Anglo-Saxon legal family, so the main source of law it is considered a legal precedent.

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