Most intriguing person i have met essay

Top 3 Tricks Explained Using Examples of Descriptive Paragraphs Aug 26, Writing Tutorials The first thing to remember about writing a descriptive essay about a person, is that writing a descriptive essay should be an interesting experience. The process should not bore you. If you are not interested, then your audience will not be interested.

Most intriguing person i have met essay

Some of those people have become very good friends, while many of them bored me to death. The readers of this here blog are an interesting bunch, they range in every human way possible and then some, they have opened up their homes, wallets and refrigerators to me and I am grateful Most intriguing person i have met essay that.

This past Saturday night, I had the opportunity to meet what I may venture to say has been one of the most interesting and fascinating people I have ever met. The man goes by A. Nuran when he comments and anyone who has read my site in the last year has probably read something he has written, I had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife at their home in Portland, Oregon this past Saturday night and here is my story.

I love and cherish books, the subject matter is unimportant. Imagine the Strand and multiple that by 5, it was too much for me, but I usually enjoy well read people and to say A. Nuran is well read may in fact be an understatement.

The people I enjoy most are intelligent and intellectual, but not snooty about it, these people are usually left leaning, very passionate and happen to have a lot of hobbies, what can I say, I gravitate towards a similar vibe to myself.

Nuran was nice enough to buy some kosher stuff for me, Ungers Gefilte fish really caught me off guard, we must have spent a good half hour discussing what we could do with gefilte fish to market it to the public, I mentioned that deep fried and salsa topped gefilte were making headways into the frum community.

I am interested in basic things like the home kitchen making of demi-glace, stocks and sauces. He told me about his curry pumpkin pie and I told him of my distaste at the state of pumpkin pie filling and the strange fact that most people never bothered with real pumpkin pie, such a shame considering how easy it is to roast off some pumpkins and throw some allspice and nutmeg on them while mashing them.

Most Interesting Person You Have Ever Met Essay Sample

Like most super interesting people I know, Mr. Nuran felt the need to whip out a book for me to look at every time the conversation changed, by the end of the night I had acquired two free books and there was a stack of cook books, strange Jewish stuff like How to Curse in Yiddish amazing and other stuff that only a professional Geek like Nuran would have.

It was like show and tell and I was having a ball, Nuran is growing saffron in his front yard and this year he decided to make saffron infused vodka, it smelled great and looked like whiskey.

Anything infused is amazing to me, my exes friends made Chantrell Mushroom infused rum, which was awfully interesting, although I have yet to take a full appreciation in hard liquors, although my other super interesting friend Jim introduced me to Gin last shabbos and I absolutely loved the alpine taste and smell.

Who on earth is a hobbyist blacksmith? So why is A Nuran interested in Frum Satire? In fact Nuran told me that becoming interested in Sufi philosophy has made him do more Jewish stuff, like put on tefillin, which he rarely did prior. There are masks hanging on the wall and some very interesting paintings and one particular framed wood carving of a frontier battle caught me eye.

Of course words can barely scratch the surface of what Nuran, I his wife and some friends who came over discussed. We are both excited people with ADD who have such fast paced intricate conversations that only a few people would be able to keep up.

I did appreciate that both him and his wife laughed at my ultra geeky joke about all Iron being treife before Bessemer. I now know that probiotic yogurt is just another health scam and that I should totally make my own beer. If I could meet a super interesting lady and I know there are loads of them out there, who knows what would happen?

Moshe December 2,8: Dave December 2,9: Reply Link Mahla December 2, Nuran December 2,2: Mahla December 3, The wind and rain started just as we made camp and continued for 5 days.

Talk about an interesting person that you have met recently.

We spent virtually 24 hours per day in a leaky tent. On day 3, the tent collapsed and a puddle formed underneath it. We kept ourselves cheerful with good conversation, reading to one another from Hermann Hesse and joking about our circumstances.

And it does help some people — it just depends on the person. A good friend who used to have a recurring health problem started eating a Stonyfield Farms probiotic yogurt every morning and his problems totally went away. Stonyfield Farms, aside from having no junk in it, like the Dannon Activia does, also has a hechsher, which is hard to find on the probiotic yogurts.

Part 2 is the idea that just piling acidophilos in will magically recreate the complex, highly individual ecosystem of your intestine.

December 7,6: Reply Link Philo December 2,9: You should spend more time on the upper west side. Mark December 2,9:Most Interesting Person You Have Ever Met Essay Sample Since I can remember, I always adored recalling my past schooldays by looking through some old photographs of those years.

A lot of them remind me of Sylvia, who used to be the most eccentric and original person in my school.

Most intriguing person i have met essay

Readers, or the audience, need to feel like they have already visited a place or met a person after reading a descriptive essay. Writers must employ their mastery of language to make sure that their final piece creates an emotional connection with the readers.

I have met Mr Geffry Ramadin, a man of fun. Mr Geffry Ramadin is the man who will make you feel comfortable with his companion and you cannot stop laughing hearing his jokes and the way he talks. Basically, he is a computer engineer by7 profession and loves to travel. Most Interesting Person You Have Ever Met Essay Sample.

The whole doc is available only for get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access. Most Interesting Person You Have Ever Met Essay Sample vivacious personality, along with unusual appearance made her the most intriguing and memorable person and classmate.

Feb 16,  · This is the most intriguing, bizarre and maybe even humourous too! But extremely MEMORABLE.

The Most Interesting Person

Include physical features, personality traits and characteristics, and speech patterns (accents etc).The most extensive and creatively written will become of course the best answer!Status: Resolved.

The 23 Most Inspiring People Alive (for me) The inspiring people in this list are in no particular order. They’re a mix of visionary entrepreneurs, servant leaders, authors, comedians, artists, writers, scientists and people who overcame overwhelming obstacles to .

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