Should cheerleading be considered a real

If you think cheerleading isn't a sport worthy of major respect, here are six reasons why you should reconsider. You prove your own worth over and over again. Meanwhile, other sports with less physical demands are respected and eagerly watched by large audiences. You build a strong physique.

Should cheerleading be considered a real

July 23, at 2: Cheerleading is not an official sport. It is not recognized by the states or government as an official sport. That being said, personally I think it should be and is the hardest and more dangerous than football, hockey, etc.

Let me ask all you cheerleaders, who do you buy your cheerleading needs from?

Should cheerleading be considered a real

Sounds like some BS. Also why is there 66 National events for cheerleading? Listen, my opinion is that it is a sport and should be recognized as one. But the fact remains that it is not because that would mean a lot more and less money being spent.

Yes cheerleading is a sport

More towards medical attention and real safety training and proper regulations. I Should cheerleading be considered a real anyone to find that it is an offical sport. You will find all kind of debate articles and reasons why it is, etc.

The most common argument around cheerleading is rather or not it is a sport. The problem is that the definition of a sport is extremely vague and open to an infinite number of interpretations both for and against the idea of cheer being a sport. While one person could read the definition and state that cheerleading without a doubt fulfills these requirements and therefore is a sport, another can create an equally compelling argument for why it is not.

Seeing as nobody can agree on the exact definition of a sport the question of rather or not cheer is one is an impossible argument to win. I think it is about time that we stopped focusing on a futile argument and bring our attention to what really matters.

Should a student really be required to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket to participate in a school sanctioned extracurricular activity. Cheer teams all over the country struggle with getting the proper funds they desperately need in order to purchase safety equipment or to participate in competitions.

Why do so many schools view Cheerleading as something with little to no value, and therefore not worthy of funding? When a school or university holds a game for teams such as basketball or football they charge for admission.

At my particular high school, this fee was about three dollars for students and five dollars for everyone else. This means that for every twenty-five people who attended a game the school received approximately one hundred dollars.

This is one of the reasons that schools can validate giving these types of teams finding in the first place, because they feel as if they are being reimbursed to some extent. Cheerleaders are expected to attend all the games year-round to support every sport team ranging from track to football.

While it may be true that the cheerleading team is not the reason that most people come to the games, they still play a big part in the overall experience. They are working hard throughout the entire game just like whichever team they are there to support.

They do not even get a break during half-time because they are expected to prepare a new performance each week to entertain the spectators. Do you have any idea how hard it is to learn a complicated routine involving cheers, dance and stunting in less than a week?

These performances are free of cost to the school of course. Cheerleading teams are expected to perform several tasks over the course of the year without question or any sort of reimbursement for their hard work or commitment.

These responsibilities vary from school to school but the ones I experienced the most of were pep rallies and assemblies, regardless of rather or not they correlated to sports in any way.

Does the fact that Cheer teams are often viewed as free labor and entertainment for the school really not validate any funding being put into their program in return?

Despite everything they do for the school Cheer teams are still subjected to having to struggle with coming up with necessary funds. Even to this day I can clearly remember every moment of my first cheer camp.

It was a mentally and physically exhausting weekend, but those three days were easily responsible for some of my best memories of cheer.

The problem, it costs over a hundred and fifty dollars for each girl to attend and that was only for three days. Camps and other similar functions are the best way for teams to get a chance to advance and learn new skills, but like most things they are not free.

Many teams choose to participate in competitions which bring along with them entry and travel fees.Jun 10,  · CHICAGO — The American Medical Association says cheerleading should be considered a sport because of its rigors and risks.

Should cheerleading be considered a real

The nation's largest doctors' group adopted that as policy Monday at. The American Medical Association says cheerleading should be considered a sport because of its rigors and risks. The nation’s largest doctors’ group adopted that as policy Monday at its annual.

Yes It is...

Alyssa Roenigk, pictured while in college at Florida, says that no matter how athletic cheerleaders are, cheerleading should not be considered a sport. Allow me to explain. Some may argue cheerleading should not and cannot be considered a sport, but according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary cheerleading follows the definition of a sport and therefore should be.

Sideline cheerleaders’ main goal is to entertain the crowd and lead them with team cheers, which should not be considered a sport. On the other hand, competitive cheerleading is a sport. Cheerleading isn’t considered a sport because by definition our main objective is to cheer on other teams in their own sports.

But there is not a cheerleader .

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