Starbucks global coffee giant has new

This dominant position enables the Company to try new ideas all the time.

Starbucks global coffee giant has new

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By Nicole Gallucci Being one of those extremely rare coffee lovers who only enjoys their coffee cold and black, I was very eager to taste what's in store for the future of iced coffee, so we visited Starbucks to check the drinks out.

From there, we moved on to the Starbucks Cold Brewwhich was much smoother than the more acidic iced coffee, and had a subtly sweet flavor. Then came the main events. Karr explained that the cream was specifically created to compliment the cold brew and offers customers a "complete" drink — no need for extra milk or sugar.

The cream was definitely a refreshing break from my usual cup of plain black coffee, and as a little bonus, it's made in-house daily.

Nitro Cold Brew Image: Yep, you read that right. Cold brew and nitrogen, what a time to be alive. In a press release, Starbucks referred to this as the drink that "will redefine the way you think about cold coffee," and after trying it I can't say I disagree.

According to Starbucks, the nitrogen is infused into the coffee much like carbonation in your favorite sodas and carbonated drinks. However, the nitrogen bubbles are much smaller than carbonation, which gives the Cold Brew a smooth texture rather than a bubbly one, along with a distinct creamy sweetness.

For this reason, the Nitro Cold Brew is served unsweetened. Starbucks After the coffee was infused and released cold from the tap, the nitrogen prompted a cascading effect and formed a thin layer of foam on top as it settled. Starbucks has described the Nitro as having the "texture and body you'd expect from a draught beer," and I will admit that after seeing it in person I had to remind myself once or twice that a cold beer was not in fact sitting before me in a coffee shop.

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When Starbucks introduced their iced coffee init had a long and successful run before their Cold Brew debuted nationwide last summer. According to the chain, these two new beverages are, "just the beginning of the kind of innovation Starbucks is bringing to cold coffee. There's more to come.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.However, one exception are the licenses’ Starbucks will give to certain companies in order to reach new market shares they could not do on their own, such as grocery stores, airports, collage campuses and certain overseas markets.

Starbucks global coffee giant has new

Starbucks currently has about one-third of all stores operating through licensing agreements. Watch video · The Seattle-based coffee giant is working with Microsoft and a leading global exchange on a new digital platform that will allow consumers to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at Starbucks.

William Ackman said his activist hedge fund Pershing Square Capital Management has built a % stake in coffee giant Starbucks and sees room for the coffee giant to grow despite recent struggles. While independent coffee shops become increasingly popular in the U.S., global coffee and food chain Starbucks Corp.

(SBUX) has experienced a simultaneous slowdown in growth for same-store sales. This has been the first quarterly drop since the coffee giant started to issue China earnings reports in the third quarter of fiscal Meanwhile, Starbucks’ global sales and those in the U.S. both increased 1% during the same period.

3 days ago · breaking news; New owners for Starbucks Australia. THE family behind 7-Eleven in Australia have big plans for the local arm of coffee giant Starbucks after buying its operating licence.

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